How to Remove Dog Urine Odorfrom Carpet?

3 Ways to Remove Dog Urine Smell

How to Remove Dog Urine Oder from Carpet?How do I get rid of dog urine odor from carpet? There are several ways you can use. First, you can decide to hire a professional who will do the job for you. Second, you can decide to do the job on your own. Here we are going to explain 3 ways to remove dog urine smell. Smells like, the cat liter box or dog urine can make your home unpleasant for the occupants.  Many dog lovers, such as Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning, will tell you it is a common problem which they keep on encountering on their daily life. Do NOT stress, with time you can get rid of the bad smell and teach your dog to avoid the pee on carpet so that you can enjoy life with a pet.

3 ways to remove dog urine smell


How to Remove Urine Oder from Carpet?

  Find the Spot with Urine Stain

Your dog may have an accident when you are not in the house only to return and find the carpet smelling bad. The first step you need to take is to locate areas with urine. If it is still wet, you can easily locate it and use a piece of cloth soaked in a detergent to try and clean the mess off. In some cases, the dog may have urinated in several areas and the urine might have dried. Unfortunately, making it hard for you to locate the exact spot. You shouldn’t worry because dogs urine contains phosphorus, which shines when UV lights are shone on it. You can move the UV light from one area to the other along the carpet so that you know the exact spot where the urine has dried up. The light will illuminate the areas with phosphorous droplets, making you notice them and  from there you can start the cleaning process!

  Apply Enzyme Cleaners

You need to apply enzyme cleaners so that you can break the urine molecules and dissolve the bad odor. The enzymes work very well in dissolving the molecules which lead to bad odor in the dog urine, all you’ll need is a little patience. Apply the enzymes and let them sit for a while so that they can soak into the carpet fibers and break down the molecules causing the bad odor. After the enzyme has soaked for about 20 minutes, then you can proceed to clean the carpet of the stains. There are several enzymes in the market, you can easily order one online for the job.

  Use a Carpet Cleaner to Clear the Stains

How to Remove Dog Urine from Carpet?

The final step involves use of a carpet cleaner to clear the stains ,adding a fresh scent as well. You can hire one from your nearest carpet cleaner or hire experts who can do the job for you. Hiring experts will result in a more thorough job because they are highly experienced.  How do I get remove dog urine odor from carpet? It’s easy, you can apply the above tips or hire an expert for the job and they can ensure the carpet is clean and smelling good within few minutes.