How a Carpet Cleaner Works

Carpet cleaners are made to remove any deeply embedded stains and dirt in your carpets. The carpet cleaning machine is a good addition to any cleaning arsenal, particularly for the people who have a very busy household or those with very many carpets. A quality carpet cleaner will handle any ground-in dirt and stains and provide a deeper clean than vacuuming. So, how does the carpet cleaning machine function?

For the carpet cleaner to offer good results, you will have to spray your carpet with an effective cleaning solution and allow it to soak in for around 15 minutes. After that, you will have to run the carpet-cleaning machine, which pumps more water into the carpets, and its high-powered vacuum extracts the dirty soapy fluid from the carpets. Some carpet cleaners might boast components to preheat the water they use to rinse the carpets, but most do not.

How a Carpet Cleaner Works

To understand how the carpet cleaners work, you might need to learn something about the key parts. Here are the main parts of a carpet cleaner.

– The Pump

This is an important part of the carpet cleaner. It generates enough pressure into your carpets. The pressure levels range between 60 pounds per every square inch and 500psi.

– The VacuumHow a Carpet Cleaner Works

The purpose of a vacuum in the cleaner is to extract any dirty water and the cleaning solution from a carpet and empty it into the extraction tank. Each cleaner will feature a motor to drive the vacuum. For better results, go for the motor with two or three stages.

– The Solution Tanks

The purpose of a solution tank is to store the rinse water. Generally, the size of a solution tank ranges between 4.5 gallons and 17 gallons.

– Recovery Tank

After the vacuum extracts the dirt, water and cleaning chemicals from your carpets, the recovery tank will hold it. Generally, the size of a recovery tank ranges between 4.5 gallons and 15 gallons.

– Heating Unit

For perfect cleaning, the heating unit heats up the rinsing water to a temperature around 210 degrees F within three minutes. The heating elements might be single tanks, which use the solution tank to heat the water and the double inline elements that heat water continuously when exiting the cleaner.

– The Floor Wand

The size of the floor wand ranges between 10 inches and 12 inches. It comes with two jets – one for dispensing the fluid and the other to extract them. Manufacturers offer stair and upholstery wands too as an option. The cleaning solution hoses are available in variable lengths and you can custom order yours.


After you have completed the cleaning process, remember to unplug your cleaning machine, remove debris from its brushes and clean out its tank. To do that, use the user’s manual. It will serve you for many years if properly maintained. Knowing how a carpet cleaner works will help you ensure you clean your flooring as thoroughly as possible.

How Long After Carpet Cleaning to Put Furniture Back

Typically, having carpet in your home means it will need a professional clean sooner or later. A deep clean that reaches all areas of your carpet requires you to remove furniture from the room before cleaning. Once your carpet has been professionally cleaned, it’s important to know how long after carpet cleaning to put furniture back. Putting furniture back too soon before the carpet is thoroughly dry can leave stains or rust from furniture finishes or dent the carpet fibers.

How Long After Carpet Cleaning to Put Furniture Back

The amount of time you wait to return furniture depends on the type of cleaning. Typically, a cleaned carpet will remain wet for up to eight hours. Your carpet will dry faster when it’s hot and sunny, but that will require you to open all windows and doors. If it’s cold and rainy outside, you can expect longer drying times. On the other hand, some companies use fans to dry carpets rather than relying on natural evaporation. They use powerful fans that are custom made to dry carpets. These fans work by moving large volumes of air slightly above the surface of the carpet, evaporating the moisture much faster.

ConsiderationsHow Long After Carpet Cleaning to Put Furniture Back

The general rule of thumb is to wait at least six hours before going back to your standard household routine. If your carpet is cleaned using hot water extraction cleaning, you will want to wait for at least four to six hours before resuming foot traffic. If you must walk across a freshly cleaned carpet before it has gotten sufficient time to dry, its best to do so with a fresh pair of clean socks. The idea is to give the carpet ample time to dry in most areas that can handle walking.

Nonetheless, wait until the carpet is dry before moving furniture back to the room. Heavy pieces of furniture that press down on the wet carpet push and weigh down on the fibers. As such, putting the furniture back too early will result in large indents caused by the pressure of furniture on wet fabric.

If necessary, you can place waterproof protectors beneath the furniture legs so they can replace the furniture immediately after cleaning. It is recommended that you leave the protectors in place for about 24 hours before removing them. Try to avoid keeping your carpet damp or wet beyond 24 hours. After 24 hours, mold can start to set into the fibers, similar to water damage problems caused by flooding.

In Conclusion

When it comes to knowing how long after carpet cleaning to put furniture back, it is safe to wait 24 hours to move furniture if possible. If you absolutely need to move your furniture earlier, ask about barriers you can use to place in between your furniture and carpet. When looking for professional carpet cleaning, Cosmopolitan Carpet and Rug Cleaning provides an effective method that helps quickly dry your carpet. This will help you be able to resume normal activities quicker.

How to Shampoo Carpet By Hand

Unlike vacuuming, shampooing your carpet can be a more effective way to deep clean its surface and extend its lifespan. More importantly, the process is very simple and straightforward, and doesn’t require complicated tools. In this guide, we’ll show you how to shampoo carpet by hand and give your carpet a refresh.

How to Shampoo Carpet By Hand

Step 1:
Before shampooing the carpet, make sure to move all of the items and furniture out of the cleaning space or to one part of the room. This will prevent water from penetrating into these units and potentially producing mold or mildew.

Step 2:
Vacuum the space thoroughly to remove debris, dust balls, hair, or dirt. This also fluffs up the carpet, making it more effective to shampoo. During this process, look for any stains which require pre-treatment before starting.

Step 3:
Apply a stain remover on the affected area and let it sit anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. After that, use a wet towel to blot the stains.

Step 4:
Fill a container or bucket with clean water, then add carpet soap and mix thoroughly. Make sure to choose a type of soap which is specially designed for carpets. Read the labels to know the right amount of soap that you should add.

Step 5:
Apply the water and soap solution onto the entire carpet surface, then use a brush to clean it. Start with the corners and make strips. Make sure the new light is slightly overlapped with the old ones. Avoid using random patterns because this method doesn’t require to pull back and forth. Also, do not rub too hard to avoid damaging the fibers.

Step 6:
Clean the entire carpet’s surface a second time, but only with cold water (no soap). Since you can easily leave some dirty water and soap behind during the brushing process, a second phase will help get rid of any remaining dirt and soap residue. You would have to move a little bit quicker on this step than you did in the first one. Also, take off your socks and shoes so that you do not leave any dirt on your freshly cleaned carpets.

Step 7:
Allow the carpets to fully dry before moving furniture and items back in the space. It often takes anywhere from 6 to 10 hours for the surfaces to dry, depending on the size of your room and the thickness of your carpets. To

How to Shampoo Carpet by Hand

speed up the process, open all of the windows to allow for better air circulation or turn on the blowers and fans.

If you place your furniture back on a wet surface, it might result in bad indentations and create an ideal environment for mildew to build up. If there are many members in your family, consider hanging a sign to tell other people to stay away from the shampooed areas.

Next Steps

There are many alternatives to how to clean your carpets. One of the simplest ways to clean up an unexpected mess is to do it yourself with things you already have at home.

How to Remove Dog Urine Odorfrom Carpet?

3 Ways to Remove Dog Urine Smell

How to Remove Dog Urine Oder from Carpet?How do I get rid of dog urine odor from carpet? There are several ways you can use. First, you can decide to hire a professional who will do the job for you. Second, you can decide to do the job on your own. Here we are going to explain 3 ways to remove dog urine smell. Smells like, the cat liter box or dog urine can make your home unpleasant for the occupants.  Many dog lovers, such as Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning, will tell you it is a common problem which they keep on encountering on their daily life. Do NOT stress, with time you can get rid of the bad smell and teach your dog to avoid the pee on carpet so that you can enjoy life with a pet.

3 ways to remove dog urine smell


How to Remove Urine Oder from Carpet?

  Find the Spot with Urine Stain

Your dog may have an accident when you are not in the house only to return and find the carpet smelling bad. The first step you need to take is to locate areas with urine. If it is still wet, you can easily locate it and use a piece of cloth soaked in a detergent to try and clean the mess off. In some cases, the dog may have urinated in several areas and the urine might have dried. Unfortunately, making it hard for you to locate the exact spot. You shouldn’t worry because dogs urine contains phosphorus, which shines when UV lights are shone on it. You can move the UV light from one area to the other along the carpet so that you know the exact spot where the urine has dried up. The light will illuminate the areas with phosphorous droplets, making you notice them and  from there you can start the cleaning process!

  Apply Enzyme Cleaners

You need to apply enzyme cleaners so that you can break the urine molecules and dissolve the bad odor. The enzymes work very well in dissolving the molecules which lead to bad odor in the dog urine, all you’ll need is a little patience. Apply the enzymes and let them sit for a while so that they can soak into the carpet fibers and break down the molecules causing the bad odor. After the enzyme has soaked for about 20 minutes, then you can proceed to clean the carpet of the stains. There are several enzymes in the market, you can easily order one online for the job.

  Use a Carpet Cleaner to Clear the Stains

How to Remove Dog Urine from Carpet?

The final step involves use of a carpet cleaner to clear the stains ,adding a fresh scent as well. You can hire one from your nearest carpet cleaner or hire experts who can do the job for you. Hiring experts will result in a more thorough job because they are highly experienced.  How do I get remove dog urine odor from carpet? It’s easy, you can apply the above tips or hire an expert for the job and they can ensure the carpet is clean and smelling good within few minutes.